Inokim Light 2 2020 Review

Review Summary

The Inokim Light 2 is an excellent all rounder from a premium scooter brand. It has well above average performance, good portability, a solid build quality and a price tag which has dropped significantly since its original release. But despite this it remains on the expensive side and some will expect extras like suspension at this price point.

Speed: 21 mph Range: 24 miles Weight: 13.7 kg Power: 350 Watt

Inokim Light 2 Specification Score

Overall Score

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Inokim Light 2 Specification

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  • Very good all-round performance
  • Reputable prestige brand
  • Compact when folded
  • Durable build and popular looks
  • Several price drops make it more affordable
  • Unique custom design and components


  • Not as light as the name suggests
  • Shame it lacks suspension
  • Price will still put many off

Who SHOULD buy? If you want a combination of excellent compact folding size and strong performance this is hard to beat. If you value a premium scooter brand which develops original scooter design using custom components.

Who should NOT buy? Anyone on a tight budget focused on getting as much specification as they can for their money.

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Inokim Light 2 Overview

First released in early 2018, the Light 2 is becoming a veteran in the electric scooter world. This actually a good thing as continued production is a sign of a success on the market. It also allows for small design iterations and in the case of the Light 2 it has also seen several price drops in that time. But if you buy Inokim you expect to pay more than many scooter brands with comparable specification. Higher prices are at is at least partly due to custom designs, custom components and high quality materials. Their motor for example is a custom design and does deliver exceptionally smooth acceleration and a unique Inokim whur. As the electric scooter market matures it is anticipated that appreciation for premium brands with unique designs will grow, but in the meantime Inokim faces stiff competition from new products that are simply seeking to shave costs by using ubiquitous designs and materials.


One notable but not often discussed feature of this model is the relatively small ground clearance of the deck. This means that it has a low centre of gravity for great stability but riders will need to be particularly careful is riding over bumps or off curbs. It also has a stem shape that is unique to Inokim which helps deliver extra stiffness in the ride. .


67 %

Speed: 21 mph places this well above the average speed and we think this is the top end of what is required for the vast majority of urban users. Any faster would become seriously dangerous without suspension, particularly if there are potholes or similar uneven surfaces.

Range: A range of 24 miles is plenty for the vast majority of urban rides and commutes. Reports on real world range suggest that at tops speed and with hills this range can fall dramatically, but on the flat slightly below top speed achieving about 18 miles is realistic.  

Power: The 350W motor is on the rear wheel and is sufficient for most users although not overwhelming power compared to other scooters at this price point. 

Ride Quality

66 %

Wheels: 8.5 inch pneumatic wheels help deliver a decent ride, with minor bumps being absorbed. The lack of suspension does mean that it needs to be ridden with caution over any bumps or potholes. Overall its ride is good but without particularly large wheels or suspension it does not excel in this area compared to competitors at this price point.


66 %

Weight: At 13.7 kg this may not sound particularly light (the original m365 weighs 12.5kg). However, for a scooter with this speed, range and robustness it is pretty much in a league of its own. It would be light enough to carrying up some stairs or onto transport, but you would not want to walk any distance carrying it.

Folded Size: It’s folding mechanism includes a retractable stem and folding handlebars which makes it extra compact when folded compared to most scooters which just fold somewhere near the bottom of the stem. This will be a real advantage for people looking to take the scooter into their office or on public transport.  A neat carry bag accessory is also available which makes it convenient to transport in some scenarios like airports.


69 %

Capacity: 375Wh is well above the average capacity.

Charging: Charge speed is above average with approximately 5.33 miles range added for every hour it is charged, and a total charge time of 4.5 hours.


54 %

Display: The display is somewhat basic, functional and almost cheap looking for a high end scooter like this, particularly when compared to more space age designs on the likes of the Unagi. But this won’t matter to most who embrace it’s no-nonsense functionality.

Lights: The lights are good quality but the front light is mounted low down, which is not quite as effective as if it were mounted higher on the handlebars. There is an ambient light sensor which will automatically switch lights on when its dark and switch off when it’s bright – a nice touch of modern refinement.