Best Electric Scooter for Heavy Adults

The best electric scooter for heavy adults needs the right power and maximum weight limit.  If you weigh 90 kg / 200lbs or more you should consider a scooter with at least a 350W motor.  If you weigh 140 kgs / 300lbs or more you should consider at least a 500W motor. We have put together a reference table to help you find the right scooter specification for your exact weight and riding style.

Below is our selection of the best electric scooters for heavy adults in 2021.

The scooters listed were selected to represent all round good value. We have intentionally avoided the very expensive high-end enthusiast electric scooters which are often several thousand pounds. Six of the eight scooters we have selected are under £1,000. We will continue to update this list in order to ensure we include all the best electric scooters for heavy adults in 2021.

Best Electric Scooters for Heavy Adults: Top 8 Selection

Scooters in this list are are ordered by the maximum weight they carry, not the best first. All of these scooters come recommended but will appeal based upon your specific weight and needs.

1. Emove Cruiser Overview

Best for very heavy adults wanting long range

Emove Cruiser
Max Weight160 kg
Max Speed25 mph
(Some report up to 28 mph)
Power600W (1600W Max)
Range62 miles

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The E-move Cruiser is a much loved heavy duty electric scooter, popular on enthusiast forums. It’s popularity is partly due to the great product support from its manufacturer Voromotors. If you were wondering which electric scooter holds the most weight, it’s the Emove Cruiser, carrying up to 160 kgs or over 350lbs. It’s dual front and rear suspension and 10 inch pneumatic wheels also ensure a very comfy ride.

The range on this scooter is simply huge at 62 miles, (with real world range not far from this at about 50 miles), so only occasional charging is required. This range also opens the door to long distance weekend adventures!

Whilst the nominal power rating of the motor is a modest 600W, it actually has a maximum output of 1600W meaning acceleration and up-hill stints are not problem at all.  The latest version also has a IP67 rating, which means it can be ridden in very wet or rainy conditions without any risk of damaging electronic components. The Cruiser also has some excellent touches like side indicator lights, which is a massive bonus for any urban riding, particularly at night.

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2. Furo Fuze Overview

Best for very heavy adults on modest budget

Max Weight150 kg
Max Speed25 mph
Power500W (800W Maximum)
Range24 / 34 miles

The Furo Fuze is a great compromise scooter, currently only available in UK and Europe. It carries a riders weight up to 150 kg. It has a 500W motor with maximum output of 800W. Confusingly the Furo Systems website claims “over 750W output”, which is a reference to its maximum power output (the scooter manual confirms a nominal power of 500W and max power of 800W).  It is a more affordable Emove Cruiser, mainly due to it’s much shorter range and less powerful motor.

The Fuze comes with front and rear suspension and ten inch wheels, delivering a very comfortable ride.   

There are two options available, the Fuze and the Fuze Max. Both are identical apart from the range (the Fuze claims 24 miles and the Max version claims 34). Tests indicate real world range is quite a bit less than the claimed range (closer to 14 and 23 miles respectively). However, this is plenty for most users needs. The Fuze is slightly lighter than the Fuze Max due to the smaller battery.

Unfortunately Furo Systems does not hold many of these scooters in stock. You may have to wait of up to about 6 weeks for delivery as demand is exceeding supply. Furo Systems offer excellent 2 year warranty and quality control checks which is a big deal considering some electric scooters can be known to have reliability issues.

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3. Emove Touring Overview

Best for very heavy adults wanting portable and compact

Emove Touring
Max Weight140 kg
Max Speed24 mph
Range24 miles

The Touring is one of the most compact scooters when folded, yet carries up to 140 kg and has a decent 500W motor. On top of that it boasts a spacious deck and long adjustable stem making it suitable for the taller rider. It’s a great all round scooter.

It’s wheels are notably smaller than the other scooters in the list, at just 8 inches. Normally this would reduces ride quality compared to larger wheels, but this is more than compensated by exceptional triple front suspension, which enables the Touring to absorb pot holes and with ease. The rear wheel is solid which does impact ride quality over rough or cobbled surfaces. But a solid rear wheel is a clever compromise to avoid punctures with limited impact on ride quality. Most punctures occur in the rear wheel, yet the rear wheel has less impact on ride than the front, so making the rear solid is a clever move.

The Touring achieves very close to its real world range of 24 miles. This is not surprising considering its large battery capacity. The Touring only has one mechanical brake which is sufficient but braking could be better.

The Touring is from Voromotors in the US but is available in the UK from Electrek.   

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4. Kugoo Kirin M4

Best cheap electric scooter for heavy adults

Kugoo Kirin M4
Max Weight130 kg
Max Speed28 mph
Range27 miles

The Kugoo Kirin M4 is the quintessential Amazon bargain, and one of the best cheap electric scooters for heavy adults. It packs an impressive specification, but at a very low price… but why so cheap? Firstly, Kugoo offer very limited support in the UK if things go wrong. There are also no physical stores that stock this scooter in most countries. This means servicing, warranties and spare parts may present a challenge. BUT – if you consider yourself handy with DIY repairs, or are prepared for a bit more hassle if it needs repairs, then the risk for a bargain may just be worth it!

5. Unagi Model One E500 Overview

Best for heavier adults wanting beautiful and lightweight

Unagi Model One
Max Weight125 kg
Max Speed20 mph
Range15.5 miles

The Unagi is arguably the most beautiful scooter on the market. If classy, sleek space age is your thing, this could be the scooter for you.  

It may be a surprise to many but this lightweight compact scooter is capable of carrying up to 125 kg. The E500 is the most recent version of the scooter with dual 250W motor (500W total power). This power means you can expect very little loss of acceleration and good speed up inclines.  

Unlike most Chinese designed scooters this has been completely designed from scratched in the US making it truly unique. 

It is made of high-end materials like carbon fibre, making it both strong and light weight. Just one look at the handlebars and display shows this is something special.

But this option is not without some drawbacks. It’s unique design and quality components come with a high price tag, considering it has a modest specification. It is also not suitable for the tall rider, but it is comfortable for riders up to about 5 ft 11 / 180 cm.  Another important feature is it’s solid tyres. These are a blessing if you want to avoid punctures, but they do make it much less suited to uneven surfaces.

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6. Pure Air Pro Overview

Best for heavier adults wanting good value and reliable

Pure Air Pro
Max Weight120 kg
Max Speed15.5 mph
Range22 miles

It has 10 inch wheels (delivering a very smooth ride) which is rare for a budget electric scooter. It’s water resistance rating of IP65 means it suitable for riding in the rain (which is also unique for a scooter at this price point).  It’s 350 W motor provides more power than most entry level scooters, but don’t expect dramatic acceleration or up-hill climb speed.

The Pure Air Pro may just be one of the best cheap electric scooters for heavy adults. This option is perfect for the slightly heavier rider whose doesn’t want to pay a premium price. It’s bulkier than average frame is suitable for riders up to a maximum of 120 kgs. This will be sufficient for most, but not for very heaviest riders.

The downside of this scooter is that it’s still not as powerful as alternatives on the list. It is certainly sufficient, but it isn’t going to zip you up hills like the more powerful options. It’s large frame and limited folding compaction also means it is not the most portable scooter. Taking it on public transport is possible, but not ideal. There is no suspension on this scooter, but its 10 inch wheels and pneumatic tyres do a great job without it.

Developed by UK based Pure Electric, this model is currently available in UK and throughout Europe. Pure Electric is expanding fast so expect a store to open near you soon. 

The only real downside to this scooter is its slightly higher price tag and marginally higher weight. At 23 kg you won’t want to carry this far. But its folding compaction is very good, meaning it should fit in the boot of most cars and requires very little storage space.

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7. Innokim Quick 3 Super

Best for heavier adults who want compact and premium

Inokim Super Quick 3
Max Weight120 kg
Max Speed19 mph
Range28 miles

A stupid name, perhaps. But this is a premium scooter that has got better and cheaper over time. Innokim is one of the very few manufacturers to have unique designs and components. And the Quick Super 3 offers a combination that will be very appealing to a particular niche.

The Quick Super 3 is suitable for passengers up to 120 kg and at 450W it has just enough power to accelerate well and climb hills without problems. It’s 19 mph top speed is not blisteringly fast, but it is certainly fast enough and will see you easily overtaking all those Xiaomi M365s!

The scooter itself is reasonably light, at 16.5 kg, but it’s folding compaction is simply excellent. This makes storage and transporting a breeze, and carrying on public transport feasible. Disappointingly this scooter doesn’t have suspension. But it does have 10 inch pneumatic wheels which will give a smooth ride over the majority of surfaces.

Its price tag is on the high side but this price has reduced substantially over time. Considering Inokim is a premium brand with unique designs of their own, it represents good value.  

8. Inokim Ox

Best for heavier riders who want on and off road capability

Inokim Ox
Max Weight120 kg
Max Speed29 mph
Range60 miles

The Ox strides the world of weekday commute and weekend explorer. It’s excellent front and rear adjustable suspension is just as beneficial on unpredictable road surfaces as it is off-road. Power of 800W is very good, but not breathtaking. It’s claimed range of 60 miles is closer to about 35 in real world conditions, which is a little disappointing.

It is a very attractive and unique looking scooter, with a large heavy frame weighing 28 kg (so don’t expect to be carrying this around very far!).   But when it comes to ride quality this thing is hard to beat, with 10 inch pneumatic wheels and superb adjustable suspension. It feels solid and the overall build quality is excellent.

As you would expect from a premium brand and strong performance, this scooter comes with a higher than average price tag.

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Buyers Guide: Electric Scooters for Heavy Adults

Here we try to answer some common questions about buying electric scooters for heavy adults as well as providing some guidance on specifications for your weight.

Is there a weight limit for electric scooters?

Each electric scooter will specify a weight limit for riders. The most common weight limit is 100 kg, but some electric scooters have higher weight limits going up to 160 kg or 350lbs. It is possible to ride an electric scooter if you are over the weight limit but this will often impact top speed and acceleration. It also places  stress on the scooter frame which risks damaging components. It is unlikely that damage will occur if a rider is only slightly heavier than the weight limit but it is not recommended.

What is the impact of rider weight on electric scooters?

The impact of rider weight becomes very noticeable on entry level low power scooters (with 250W motors) once rider weight moves close to 90 kg / 200lbs or more.  That means a substantial proportion of the population will be better suited to an electric scooter with >250W motor. At this weight or higher there will be a significant impact on speed, range and acceleration on any 250W scooter.  

Which electric scooter for over 100 kg rider weight?

Finding electric scooter for heavy riders requires looking more closely at scooter specification. If you weigh over 100 kg and do not want your scooter performance to be significantly impacted by your weight, then you should look at higher power and weight limit specification. As a minimum you will need a 350W motor. The exact specification you should look for really depends on how you want the scooter to perform. The table below provides a guide to the scooter specification you should look for depending upon your exact weight and user preference. For the purpose of clarity we have put user preferences into three categories:

How do I choose the best electric scooter specification for heavy adults?

The two main specifications heavy adults need to consider when purchasing an electric scooter is the weight limit and the scooter power. However, the exact specification required will depend on your exact weight and the level of performance you want from the scooter. The table below provides suggested specifications for all of these scenarios.

  • The MINIMUM SPECIFICATIONS in the table shows scooter specifications that will function safely, but weight will noticeably impact performance
  • The MIDDLE SPECIFICATIONS show scooter specifications that will function safely where weight will have limited impact on performance
  • The PERFORMANCE SPECIFICATIONS show scooter specifications that will have strong performance regardless of your weight – and no problem with hills
Weight Limit (kg)Min Power (Watts)Weight Limit (kg)Min Power (Watts)Weight Limit (kg)Min Power (Watts)
80 – 100100250100 – 120350>120500
100 – 120100 – 120300110 – 130450>130650
120 – 140120 – 140350130 – 150500>140800
> 140> 140400150600>1501000
Scooter specification guide for heavy adults

So for example, whats the best electric scooter for heavy adults weighing 300 lbs? Our guidance table indicates you will need a weight limit of at least 140 kg and an absolute minimum of 400W motor, ideally more like 600W. From our list of recommended scooters, the options include the Emove Cruiser, The Furo Fuze or the Emove Touring.

The weight limit specified for the scooter should ideally be slightly higher than your body actual body weight. This allows some scope for carrying extra weight. The deck size and stem height are additional considerations if you are very tall.

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