Furo Fuze and Fuze Max Review 2021

Review Summary

Excellent ride quality and performance at a reasonable price makes the Fuze a good value. The Fuze is the first electric scooter by UK based Furo Systems Ltd, who have a history designing electric bikes. It is a great alternative to the Ninebot Max, which it beats on raw specifications, but falls short on the brand recognition and refinement.

Speed: 25 mph Range: 24 miles (Fuze Max 34 miles) Power: 750W Weight: 17 kg (Fuze Max 19 kg)

Furo Fuze Specification Score

Overall Score

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Fuze Max Specification Score

Overall Score

Note: All scores are derived directly from scooter specifications using consistent rules. This enables objective comparisons between products.

Fuze and Fuze Max Specification

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  • Great ride quality from large tyres and dual suspension
  • Plenty of speed and power
  • Good compaction for a larger scooter
  • Decent overall build
  • Good spec for the price


  • Occasional quality control issues
  • Some won’t like flashing lights in the deck
  • Real world range much lower than claimed
  • Wait for delivery can be long

Who SHOULD buy? If you are after a scooter which delivers high end performance and ride quality at mid range prices, then the Fuze delivers. A bonus reason to buy if you want to support a small British company.

Who should NOT buy? If you can’t wait a few weeks for delivery. Not for you if you prefer the security of more established brands. You may not want or need the higher top speed.

Alternatives to the Furo Fuze

  • Ninebot Segway Max: This is the mainstream alternative for a similar price. The Max is a solid reliable scooter with excellent range, but it has less speed and power and is much bulkier when folded.
  • E-move Touring: This is a great option if you want something even more portable than the Fuze without compromising performance. The Touring is probably the the most compact mid-range scooter available.
  • Kugoo Kirin M4: This is a bargain basement alternative to the Fuze with very similar specification. The Kirin M4 often sells for as little as £500, making it very popular, but it does not have the same level of customer support or warranty as the Fuze.

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Product Overview

Introduction to Furo Systems: The Fuze is the first electric scooter product from the London based UK company Furo Systems Ltd, which was founded in 2016 by two aeronautical engineers. Furo System’s products to date include a small range of electric bikes which are shipped all over Europe and have proved popular among London commuters.

Fuze vs the Fuze Max: There are two versions available with differing battery capacity and range – the Fuze with 422 Wh and 24 miles range and the Fuze Max with 576 Wh and 34 miles range. The Max is also approx 2 kg heavier, but other than that the products are identical. So the choice here is simply about how important the extra range is. It is worth bearing in mind that electric scooters tend to achieve real world range that is in the region of 30% less than claimed range.

Becoming established in the market: One of the challenges in originally reviewing the Fuze was its relatively recent introduction to the market. Now it has been on sale for well over a year and has had multiple small design iterations and updates. It has also begun to gather a significant amount of positive feedback from customers on the Furo Systems website.

Some critics have labeled the Fuze as simply a re-brand of an existing model. Furo Systems have addressed this head on in one public forum by saying “Our specs and frame are unique although the folding system and some of the other components are standard in the industry. Our quality control is world class as proven with our other products, and we offer high quality after sales as well as a valuable 2 years warranty”. This should provide substantial reassurance.

Using standard industry components is common in the majority of electric scooter manufacturers. This helps to keep the price of scooters down whilst utilising tried and tested parts. The important thing is tweaking existing technology platforms to optimise specification for a price point and market, whilst also maintaining quality control. Indications are that the Fuze has done this extremely well, because its specification stands out as being among the best value in its price bracket. It is nearly identical pricing to the Ninebot Max, (an outstanding scooter), yet although it has less range it delivers a higher top speed, higher power and better folding compaction.


The frame and general look of the Fuze is one of function and practicality over sleek clean lines. But this is something that many of the high end scooters share, with a focus on delivering performance over aesthetic. The Fuze looks similar to the Emove Cruiser, which is one of the most highly regarded scooters among electric scooter enthusiasts as a high performance all-rounder. The Fuze does not quite match up to the specification of the Emove Cruiser, but it is priced well below that.

A few notable aspects of the Fuze design is a large deck and collapsible front stem and handlebars. This means that despite being a larger size scooter it’s folding compaction remains very good.


The Fuze has not been on the market long enough to make an in depth assessment of its durability. But it certainly has a solid frame and components that are tried and tested, often in higher end scooters. Early reports from owners had stressed the need to re-tighten bolts after a period of initial use but other than that no issues with durability have been reported.



77 %

Speed: Maxing out at 25 mph makes this scooter faster the majority of scooters on the market. With its larger frame, large wheels and suspension compared to entry level scooter means it is able to reach this speed whilst maintaining stability. Some reports suggest that the Fuze hits a slightly higher top speed on smooth flat ground, but most riders choose to keep speeds well below this the majority of the time.

Range: The base model of this scooter claims to achieve a range of 24 miles which is good but not outstanding (the larger battery version claims range of 34 miles). Real world tests suggest it is likely to be closer to about 16 miles and potentially even less if riding at full speed (where you should expect closer to about 12 miles. This is an important warning, particularly for first time scooter buyers who may not realise that real world range is often significantly less than the claimed range (due to test conditions). So if you are looking to go long distances you should consider going for the upgraded “max”.

Power: 750W motor means the Fuze is more than capable of taking on hills, even with heavier riders, with limited loss of speed. But note that substantial hill climbs will reduce the overall range it will achieve.

Max Passenger Weight: The Fuze is rated for a weight of 150 kg which is substantially higher than the normal 100 kg max of most scooters on the market. Whilst this is higher than most will ever need it is a reassuring indication that the scooter and its components are able to withstand higher forces than most.

Ride Quality


81 %

Large wheels, dual suspension and pneumatic tyres: The Fuze has the magic combination of large wheels, pneumatic tyres and high quality dual suspension that is the hallmark for delivering the smoothest and safest ride. For those who are not accustomed to riding electric scooters, the importance of ride quality cannot be over emphasised. Electric scooters generally have much smaller wheels than bikes making them more susceptible to bumps in the road so specifications which combat this (larger wheels, suspension), have significant impact.

The Fuze suspension is also adjustable. This means changes can be made according to your weight, riding preference and riding environment.

Improved safety: Improved ride quality from suspension and large wheels is synonymous with delivering a safer ride. Hitting a pot hole on a scooter with 10 inch pneumatic wheels and suspension is vastly different from a scooter with 7 inch solid wheels and no suspension. One will probably lead a fall the other will not. So riders of small wheeled scooters have to be vigilant at all times for rough ground, not just for comfort but for safety. Larger wheels and suspension delivers better safety and comfort.

Some other factors which can impact ride quality is having a sturdy stem with no wobble. Some early reports suggest that a slight stem wobble can develop over time on the Fuze. This can typically be resolved by periodic tightening of bolts.



56 %

Weight: Considering its size and performance, the Fuze is surprisingly light at 17 kgs. This is just 4.5 kg heavier than the Xiaomi M365 which has no suspension and a smaller frame. This weight would still make it too heavy for most people to carry a significant distance, but it’s feasible for most people to carry it up a short flight of stairs or similar, and almost anyone could place it in the boot of a car.

Fold Size: Folding the scooter is easy once you get used to it. The main folding point near the base of the stem, with the ability to also fold in the handlebars to make it extra compact. This means that despite having a larger than average frame the overall volume of space this scooter occupies is relatively small. It is worth checking dimensions against car boot size before purchasing if you anticipate scenarios where you may want to take the scooter in the car.

One design change in the folding mechanism is the handlebars there the handle fold mechanism has been updated to a screw thread design. The design does increase fold time by a few seconds, but it was introduced to ensure complete safety and handlebar stability.



67 %

Capacity: The battery on the Fuze has a capacity of 422 Wh and the Fuze Max has a capacity of 576 Wh. To provide some comparison here, the Ninebot-Segway Max, known for having a long range, has a battery capacity of 551Wh (slightly less than the Fuze Max). The reason the Fuze Max has less range is because it has a larger electric motor.

Charging: Charge time is approximately 5.5 hours. This equates to approximately 4.55 miles of range added per hour of charging which is reasonable but not spectacular. Charge time on the Fuze Max is about 7.5 hours.



68 %

Display: The Fuze comes with a display and throttle module which sits on the handlebars. It is adequate and functional but the display is not particularly bright which means in direct sunlight it is slightly harder to read. The display panel allows you to switch between three speed modes as well as providing battery level indicator. Keeping it in one of the slower modes will extend the range.

Lights: The Fuze has a front light mounted low on the front and rear lights on the fender. In addition it has what can only be described as disco lights on the deck. For some these may be a novel and attractive addition, but for others they are an unwanted additional feature. Initial commentary suggests that these deck lights automatically come on when the scooters main lights are on but Furo Systems are looking at amendments to allow these deck lights to be controlled independently.

Brakes: The Fuze comes with excellent front and rear mechanical disc brakes. This is already an improvement over most scooters which often only have mechanical brakes on one of the wheels. It also has regenerative electronic brakes, which means the electric motor harvests energy when slowing the scooter down.

Feedback from Owners

So far the majority of owners who have received the Fuze have been very happy with it, noting its solid build, high speed and powerful motor. The main complaint has been delivery time (which is currently in the region of 1-2 months, but check the website as delivery times have been coming down). Other owners have expressed disappointment about the scooter not achieving its claimed range. However, these complaints would apply to almost every scooter on the market whose real world range is significantly less than advertised!


The Fuze is still in its early days on the market. The basic design platform is not expected to fundamentally change, but design iterations are ongoing to improve upon any minor issues with the scooter. The long wait for delivery is also likely to put some buyers off, who may be tempted to go direct to Chinese suppliers of similar scooters. But at this price point Fuze, with the security of a 2 year warranty, it is very hard to ignore. If you want great performance and ride quality for your money, the Fuze is an excellent choice.

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