GoTrax GXL V2 2020 Review

Review Summary

The GoTrax GXL V2 is a budget scooter that delivers remarkable ride quality for the price. If you don’t require significant range this is an exceptional entry level scooter. The GXL V2 improves on the very popular GXL scooter with minor updates but the basic design is identical. Updates include removing the rear foot brake, reinforced rear fender and base board and addition of a bell.

Speed: 15.5mph Range: 10 miles Weight: 12 kg Power: 250 Watt

GoTrax GXL V2 Specification Score

Overall Score

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GoTrax GXL V2 Specification

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  • Excellent value
  • Good ride quality for the budget
  • Nice compact folding
  • Decent build quality
  • US branding and customer support 


  • Limited range (real world range closer to 8 miles)
  • Acceleration is slow for adults
  • Lacks refinement in some areas (such as motor noise) 

Who SHOULD buy? If you want a solid entry level budget scooter from a US based company but don’t need it to cover long range, this is one of the best options out there

Who should NOT buy? If you are looking for slightly more range or refinement, you may need to look elsewhere and pay a little bit more.

Product Overview

Gotrax took the personal electric vehicle world by storm in 2017 with the release of it’s best-selling hooverboard, before moving into electric scooters soon after with its original GXL model. The company may be able to attribute some of its success to having US headquarters, branding and customer service. This stands out when many budget scooters have unintelligible or dubious sounding brand names. Of course it is unsurprisingly manufactured in China (understood to be by Tao Motors), but this should not detract from the reassurance of a firm US presence and quality control.  It’s primary sales channel is through Amazon which has amassed substantial feedback on the scooter. Of course this entry point means inevitable comparison with the M365, against which it stacks up reasonably well (losing out on range and acceleration, but beating it on features such as folding compaction and a display).


Aesthetically the GXL is simple but unremarkable with a distinct angular profile at the connection between the handlebar stem and base board. It’s battery is incorporated into the front stem which restricts the space (and therefore battery capacity). This also explains its limited range. It is possible that future models could have options for additional battery to be attached enhancing range and performance – the approach taken  Ninebot-Segway’s line of electric scooters.  Overall it has a surprisingly solid build for something in its price bracket.


There were some quality issues reported with the original release of the scooter, but the benefit of it being on the market for along time means that most of these have been recognised by GoTrax customer service and subsequently ironed out. There is no avoiding the chance of faults but these are now rare. Overall the body of the scooter is very robust and surprisingly solid so basic mechanical failure is unlikely to be an issue.   However, it is notable that the company only offer a 90 day warranty (and free returns within 30 days) at a time where many companies offer 1 year warranties on their scooters. As with all pneumatic tyres there is risk of puncture, and removing scooter tyres to replace or repair inner tube can be very challenging without professional help. Bike shops are increasingly helping in this area.


41 %

Speed: The 15.5 mph speed will be satisfactory for most and some riders reporting achieve higher top speeds. However, this speed drops significantly on up-hill inclines due to the relatively low power 250W motor. Some riders will find this frustrating although others consider it an opportunity to add pockets of exercise into their trip by kicking when going uphill to help the motor. Another important thing to consider here is that performance tends to drop noticeably when battery is at 50% power or less, (a common characteristic on most electric scooters) so the final part of some journeys will have lower top speeds of closer to 12 or 13 mph.

Range: This scooter has a relatively small limited 12 mile maximum range. Real world use reports suggest it is closer to about 8 miles.   If your use case scenario is unlikely to require substantial distances, then this really isn’t an issue. Everything else about this scooter makes it an excellent proposition for the price.   

Power: At 250 Watts it has a standard power rating for an entry level scooter. This is adequate for most uses but it won’t tackle steep hills easily especially with heavier riders and it’s acceleration is fairly gentle.

Max load: The GXL V2 can hold passenger weight of 100 kg which is standard for most entry level scooters. This means it can carry the majority of adults

Ride Quality

65 %

Wheels: 8.5 inch pneumatic tyres gives scooter this a relatively smooth a ride which is excellent for a budget scooter. Ride quality compares well with some scooters that cost twice the price. This is a feature which helps the GXL V2 to outshine some scooters of a similar price.

Suspension: The GXL V2 does not have suspension


65 %

Overall the GXL V2 has really good levels of portability which tends to be one of the most positive characteristics of budget scooters. This is because they tend to have small batteries which reduces size and weight. However, this is one area where some of its budget competition may have a slight edge.

Weight: At 12 kg this is a relatively lightweight scooter. But some of the competition with comparable range will be even lighter.

Folding compaction: Despite only having a folding mechanism at the base of the stem, it folds away to a relatively compact size.


52 %

Capacity: 187 Wh is definitely on the lower end in terms of battery capacity (comparted to the M365 280 Wh). This contributes to it’s shorter range but help make it slightly lighter and more compact.

Charge Time: Charge time of 4 hours is not particularly long but for a scooter with this capacity it is a slow, adding just 2.5 miles of range per of hour charging, and even less taking into account real world range.


66 %

Display: The GXL V2 comes with a simple LED display showing speed and battery status

Lights: Front LED light is not very bright to see far ahead in the dark but is adequate to be seen. It only has a reflector on the rear so will require you to use some additional form of light (attached to your helmet or body, to be safely visible.

Brakes: Rear mechanical disc brakes are an excellent feature for a scooter at this budget. The front regenerative brake works by simply slowing the scooter when the thumb is removed from the throttle.

Additional Features: The scooter has a cruise control which is simply engaged by holding the scooter at a steady speed for 10 seconds. It has  two driving modes (which enable you to limit the scooter top speed).

Feedback from Owners

The reviews for this scooter on Amazon which are overall very positive and the emerging consensus that the GXL V2 represents very good value. Most of the very poor reviews relate to occasional major faults upon scooter delivery. These all fall within the companies warranty, and whilst it is irritating they can be resolved by returning the scooter. A summary of all the issues reported by owners in reviews and forums are summarised below:

  • Occasionally the scooter arrived simply not working requiring immediate replacement  
  • Range below the max 12 mile advertised range (with about 8 miles being more realistic) – many first time scooter owners are unaware that not achieving maximum range under real world conditions is normal
  • Battery level indicator can be quite temperamental (indicating fluctuating power levels depending upon the terrain). It only shows four different battery power readouts so doesn’t give a particularly accurate picture, although it is sufficient as a basic indicator.
  • Slight play in the stem – some owners felt there was too much movement in the stem whilst riding (due to flex in the hinge of the folding mechanism). This is another common issue which seems to plague the majority of electric scooters to some extent, usually after some period of use. So whilst it is certainly not ideal it is not a unique problem for this model.  
  • Customer service –   GoTrax recieved mixed reviews – with many appreciative customers but some more frustrated about having slightly slow response times


As a budget scooter this is a really is hard to beat. The known issues are generally minor and will be overlooked by most users leaving really only one significant limitation –   its range. But is that range is within tolerable limits for your use then this represents a fantastic entry level scooter. We don’t think you’ll regret it (but we do think you’ll be back in a year or two to treat yourself to a more premium option!)