Emove Cruiser 2020 Review

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Exceptional range and comfort with very good performance and speed make this one of the best commuter scooters for regular use. This shines though with it’s exceptional specification score. Whilst it folds up nicely it’s not ideal for public transport due to it’s heavier than average frame. This is the scooter that enthusiasts recommend!

Speed: 25 mph Range: 62 miles Power: 600W Weight: 23 kg


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Emove Cruiser Specification Score

Overall Score

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Emove Cruiser Scooter Specification

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  • Huge range (real world range~50miles)
  • Excellent ride quality from large tyres and dual suspension
  • Plenty of speed and power
  • 600W rated motor can deliver 1600W peak
  • Excellent reputation among enthusiasts


  • Heavy at 23 kg impacts portability
  • Looks are noting unique
  • In the higher price bracket

Who SHOULD buy? If you are planning on using this to travel or commute on a regular basis, then this is as good as it gets – very comfortably with excellent reputation and performance.

Who should NOT buy? If you want performance like a rocket and a serious off-road sports ride, then there are alternatives aimed at the serious enthusiast. If you’re only going to use a scooter occasionally for shorter rides, there are cheaper options. If you plan on taking it on public transport there are better options.

Product Overview

The Emove Cruiser is sold by Voro Motors who are US based (with some presence internationally in the UK and Australia). Voro motors is bringing higher end electric scooters to a mainstream market and offering top class customer service to provide reassurance to buyers.

The Cruiser is probably the most grown-up scooter out there. It has high specification and performance across the board, but it is designed primarily to deliver a comfortable practical ride. It consistently comes highly recommended in scooter enthusiast forums to buyers who want a great all rounder with exceptional range in that price bracket.

The Cruiser does not have a particularly unique look and some other scooters on the market have similar components. But it’s combination of those components makes it an excellent overall package. Something noticeable about the Cruiser is it’s ability to easily swap out and replace components like lights, display and throttle module by unplugging and unscrewing. That’s because this is not a scooter you simply throw away if things go wrong. Instead it is something that can be repaired, replaced or updated over time. This is a scooter that you can expect to own for many years. It is also great for a enthusiast to use at the weekends on longer rides.

The updated 2020 version has improvements on the first model which include:

  • IP67 water resistance rating (better than any scooter apart from the Boosted Rev, it is effectively waterproof)
  • Semi hydraulic brakes (from previous cable brakes)
  • Tubless pneumatic tyres, which deliver greater puncture resistance (and are slightly wider from 2.5 to 2.7 inches).
  • Upgraded LG Battery delivers improved real world range


Function over form is definitely the essence of the Emove Cruiser and it will appeal to those who care about what it delivers in ride, range and all round performance. But this gives it a look or seriousness and makes it look much less like a toy. Some of the subtle aspects of the design include wide handlebars and a 10 inch wide deck which help in delivering comfort and stability.


88 %

Speed: A maximum speed of 25 mph makes this scooter is faster than the majority of scooters on the market. Its larger frame, large wheels and suspension means it is able to reach this speed whilst maintaining stability. For die hard scooter enthusiasts who want as much speed as possible for their money, 25 mph may be a little slow – but the Cruiser is not aimed at the extreme sports market! Even 25 mph is faster than we would recommend for most scenarios, but it is useful for long straight rides. This is a cruiser, not a racer.

Range: Claimed range for the Emove Cruiser is a massive 62 miles and reports suggest that real world range tests achieve around 50 miles. This is excellent and much closer to the claimed range than the vast majority of electric scooters. Whilst this is way more than riders will need on most trips, having this large range is a huge bonus. Firstly it means you may be able to go an entire week without the hassle of charging it. Secondly, it opens up the possibility of using the scooter on weekends as more of a leisure pursuit where you may want to go much longer distances.

Power: Rated power of 600 W motor seems relatively small, but the Emove Cruiser it is able to achieve a peak output of 1600 W which means it can deliver excellent acceleration, and power up the vast majority of inclines way faster than budget scooters. It does not have the blistering acceleration of some dual motor scooters but it certainly delivers more than enough for its target market. It easily out accelerates standard scooters like the M365.

Max Passenger Weight: The Cruiser is rated for a weight of 160 kg which is substantially higher than the normal 100 kg max of most scooters on the market. This makes it ideal for the larger rider and it is a reassuring indication that the scooter and its components are able to withstand higher forces than most.

Ride Quality

84 %

General: The Cruiser has the magical combination of larger wheels and high quality front and rear suspension which delivers a smooth and safe ride. A firm stem with virtually not wobble and a large 10 inch wide deck giving plenty of foot room adding to the overall ride quality of this scooter.

Wheels: The Cruiser has 10 inch wheels which are big enough to deliver a noticeably higher quality and smooth ride compared to more standard 8 inch wheels. The tyres have recently seen a 2020 upgrade to tubeless pneumatic tyres which reduce the likelihood of punctures. They have also increased in width from 2.5 to 2.7 inches which slightly improves grip.

Suspension: The Cruiser has very grown-up dual suspension on the front which can absorb bumps and make riding off most curbs effortless. Rear suspension uses a high quality air suspension set-up which effectively takes impact out of bumps at the rear. The Cruiser also has a high deck height meaning there is more travel in the suspension for a even smoother ride.


48 %

Weight: At 23kg, weight may be the number one trade off for the Emove Cruiser. This is the case for any scooter that delivers this range and ride quality. It is certainly still light enough to pick up to put in the boot of a car, but you wouldn’t want to walk far with it!

Fold Size: The Cruiser employs a three point folding / compaction system which is characteristic of those scooters that are able to deliver excellent level of compaction when folded. Firstly the lower stem can be folded by pulling a pin which clicks back in once folded down. Then the stem can be shortened and tucked in. Lastly the handlebars can fold in to reduce the width of the scooter. All this means that despite its overall large frame it won’t take up too much space in the boot of a care, so long as the boot is wide enough.


82 %

Capacity: The Cruiser has a massive 1560 Wh capacity and a newly upgraded LG battery helping it to deliver an outstanding range.

Charging: Charge time is unsurpisingly long (due to its large battery capacity) at 10 hours. However, this actually represents a charge rate that is way faster than average and equates to approximately 5.9 miles of range added per hour of charging which is certainly on the higher end.


74 %

Display: The Emove Cruiser users display module and integrated throttle very similar to which is common many electric scooters. It is generally reliable although it won’t win any innovation awards! The display panel allows you to switch between three speed modes as well as providing battery level indicator.

The dashbord of the Cruiser also has buttons for normal lights, turn indicator lights, a horn and even a key ignition system. It also has a volt meter which can immediately bring any battery issues to your attention.

Lights: The Cruiser has a front light mounted low on the front which is very bight, although not the ideal mounting location. The indicator lights are a great addition, although they could be brighter and in a more visible location (integrated into the deck of the scooter).

Brakes: The Cruiser has hybrid hydrlic brakes which essentially means they use a cable to get to the brake caliper but then there is hydraulic fluid with a piston to actually activate the braking force. This is an improvement on the (already perfectly adequate cable brakes) on the previous model, which make the stopping distance of this upgraded scooter even smaller.

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