About Us

THAT Scooter was born out of  joy and frustration. The joy of owning and using electric scooters. But the frustration of spending hours navigating poorly structured and inconsistent reviews. They were hard to navigate, hard to trust and scoring was so inconsistent it seemed to be plucked out of thin air! I just wanted a clear concise assessment of product performance, some honest commentary on users experience and quick comparisons of competing product options. 

So our at mission THAT Scooter is to address these failings and provide the best resource for buyers of electric scooters on the internet. That means clear, concise and objective reviews which engender enough trust to make an informed purchasing decision.

We will continue to build on our reviews over time. In the meantime and we welcome any constructive feedback on how we can improve our content.

Why we are different

Unique Scoring System: Our proprietary scoring  rapidly and objectively assesses a scooter based upon its specifications and features. We recognise this is not the whole picture, but it is a key part of the picture that needs to be clearly and objectively presented.

Review Structure: Our dashboards, scoring, and colour coding  has been painstakingly designed for clearly conveying large amounts of information quickly. By retaining simplicity and consistency  in our review structure we aim to make your life easier.

Scooters Focused:  Our focus gives us deep knowledge of the scooter market, helping us make the best judgments and select the best products to review.  All the the major review sites rely upon reviewers who have virtually no background knowledge of scooters

Owners Feedback: We understand the value of real experience of actual product owners.  So we spend hours interacting with owners and reading content from product owner reviews. This helps generate an emerging consensus of real world experience. We then distill this so you don’t have to.  

Unique Content: Our content is generated by us, not outsourced to content writers who are paid on the number of words they write and not on the quality. 

Content Comes First: Our content, not monetisation strategy, comes first. Not because we are not interested in profit, but because we believe that earning trust is the right path to long term success.

About me

I’m an engineer by training and have spent most of my career as a technology and innovation consultant. I run my own consultancy Accelerate Innovation, which helps global companies to identify and assess technology so they can leverage it to develop or improve products. Some of this experience comes in handy for reviewing scooters!