Scoring explained

Electric scooters are simple mechanical devices which means their key characteristics can be derived from product data and specification. But individual specs are not easy to translate into a bigger picture. 

We addresses this by translating specifications into a score using carefully calibrated formula.  Scores are clustered and weighted to show how each scooter compares against key areas of Performance, Ride Quality, Portability, Battery and Features. This approach  gives an instant snapshot of products strengths and weaknesses and enables a quick objective comparisons.

Specification is not the only consideration when buying a scooter. But it is certainly one of the key considerations. By provide a clear consistent method to quickly and objectively see through the hype leaves more time to focus on the simpler considerations such as price, design aesthetic and manufacture reputation.

How do you calculate scores?

Our specific formula is proprietary and may be subject to updates from time to time. But the s it is entirely consistent across products so you should always be comparing ‘like for like’.